Everything connected and under control.

View and manage all of the SIM cards in your fleet globally via a simple to use, straightforward management console.

Worldwide connectivity

Managing 50 to 500 to 50000 M2M SIMs isn’t a problem with HMD Connect Pro global IoT SIM solution. With over 180 countries and 600 networks worldwide we've got your business covered and connected.

With the easy-to-use management console you’ll stay on top of all your connected devices while keeping connections and costs under control. HMD Connect Pro works with all devices and stays connected with a multi-operator SIM always choosing the best network possible.

Centrally managed IoT connectivity

Oversee all SIM cards in your fleet with a simple central management console.

You can view and manage IoT devices all around the world, including devices used by your employees in their day-to-day work. You’re in full control; group SIMs, view session data, and filter users in real-time.

Controlled security & monitoring

Activate and deactivate SIM cards from the management console at any given time. See when a SIM has been moved from one device to another to stay on top of security in a controlled way. All data is routed securely, no matter where in the world your IoT devices are.

Cost-efficient IoT SIM management

View session data and review data usage in near real-time and stay on top of costs worldwide. Manage costs and billing from one place, and reduce permanent roaming issues. Transparent pricing makes sure you stay in charge of costs and connections.

Simple pricing for complex projects


From 0.01€/MB

Global IoT connectivity
for 1€ per SIM with pay-as-you-go data from 0.01 €/MB.

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