Accelerating COVID-19 diagnostics

Effective IoT connectivity management

LumiraDx are the developer and manufacturer of a next-generation Point of Care diagnostic Platform designed to deliver laboratory comparable diagnostic result in minutes. Affordable and accessible to healthcare providers globally, the LumiraDX solution transforms community-based healthcare solutions.

HMD Connect Pro Devices

Since 2020, HMD Global has been playing its part to address the critical need for rapid and
cost-effective access to COVID-19-related diagnostics devices across Africa. Synapser
proposed HMD Enterprise solutions, supplying 5000 Nokia C1 devices on Android with
pre-installed HMD Connect Pro SIM cards across 48+ African Union member states.

“Our choice to propose HMD Enterprise solutions was based on HMD Global having
longstanding expertise and presence across the African continent. This was key to ensuring successful delivery on the project, despite challenging budgets and timelines.”

Ross Joughin - Sales & Marketing Director – Synapser

Controlled connectivity solutions

LumiraDx faced the challenge of enabling faster access to COVID-19 testing, whilst managing data collection securely, affordably, and in multiple territories for quality and public health
reporting purposes. HMD Connect Pro presented the ideal solution, offering end-to-end IoT connectivity that would require limited intervention from the client.

The HMD solution allowed LumiraDx to control the SIM cards remotely. With HMD Connect Pro’s management console providing a single interface to view all the deployed devices and SIM cards, the client could implement controls for the SIM cards prior to deployment. When a SIM is
removed from a device, it can be immediately deactivated remotely for security.

Global and cost-efficient IoT solutions

With the goal of providing more accessible diagnostic-led care, LumiraDx sought to limit data
usage as much as possible. HMD issued post-paid SIMs and secured further operational and cost efficiencies by ensuring the same SIM would work cross multiple countries and mobile
networks. The transparent pricing of HMD Connect Pro also enabled cost effectiveness by
facilitating the management of costs and billing from a single interface. As a result, the client could effortlessly reducepermanent roaming issues, and stay in control of costs and connections.

A streamlined operation

Synapser and LumiraDx needed a partner they could trust to manage a complex supply chain and operate at pace. Faced with tight timelines, HMD Global coordinated directly with Synapser and logistics teams across the UK, Dubai, and Africa to accelerate and streamline the shipments. For LumiraDx, a simple set-up process with solutions that would integrate seamlessly with
existing infrastructure was essential, so the medical team could process data from patients as quickly as possible. To achieve this, HMD Global ensured the mobile phones arrived
and remained on hand to support easy onboarding onto the HMD Connect Pro console.

Zero touch enrollment to the used EMM solution enabled the preinstallation of the LumiraDx Connect application and other controls necessary when mass deploying devices. HMD facilitated the preinsertion of the HMD Connect Pro SIM cards into all handsets prior to shipment, HMD Global saved the client considerable time and costs. Enabling a comprehensive connectivity
solution for roll out across the African continent.

Connect Pro LumiraDx case study image 3


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LumiraDx are the developer and manufacturer of a next generation Point of Care diagnostic Platform designed to deliver laboratory comparable diagnostic result in minutes. Affordable and accessible to healthcare providers globally, the LumiraDX solution transforms community-based healthcare solutions.


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