Centrally managed IOT connectivity

Add as many IoT SIM cards as you want
In the IoT Portal you can add an unlimited number of IoT SIM cards and manage your devices with a single simple and user-friendly web platform.

Choose the countries of operation
Set up the countries where you want the IoT SIM card to be operational. In all other countries, you can disable the connection to prevent it from connecting to the network.

Set up automations
Create custom automations for credit and data traffic management on IoT SIM cards. Manage your resources as best as possible to save time and money.

See where each IoT SIM card is located
Manage your IoT SIM cards with names, tags, groups, global search and custom filters. Get valuable information, such as IoT SIM card detail pages.

Manage all parameters
Activate, suspend and lock whenever you want. You have absolute flexibility and control over every IoT SIM card and data plan.

Keep everything under control
View every aspect of how your team is using the HMD network. The analytics show connections and usage both globally and for each IoT SIM card.

Immerse yourself in details and diagnostics
Consult the data sessions for detailed information and read analyses to identify IoT SIM cards that are not performing well.

Share access with other people
Create secondary users and manage authorizations for each member of your team to make sure your device settings are secure.

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