Pay as you go

How does HMD Connect Pro pricing work?
Our pricing model is fully transparent. No surprises and no hidden fees.
1€ setup fee per IoT SIM card
1€ monthly fee per SIM card
Data usage fee starting from 0,01€ per MB

Why do data usage prices change between locations?
We are constantly ensuring that we keep our prices as competitive as possible, which is why we update our operator prices every 3 months. The changes in prices between zones (locations) come from the differences in the pricing made with operators and the costs of usage.

Which HMD Connect Pro features are the most valuable in terms of ROI?
IoT connectivity solutions and M2M SIM cards are designed to lower operation costs and boost productivity, that in turn will enable organizations to expand and increase their return on investment. Efficient SIM management reduces costs in terms of central management, resources, usage fees, and downtimes. Maximizing uptime in remote locations with multi-network IoT SIM cards enhances productivity.

HMD Connect Pro is not a package deal but a pay-as-you-go solution, so everything you pay for is 100% value for your company.

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