Manufacturers can increase productivity and enhance quality during manufacturing with IoT, ensuring efficient and safe delivery and providing superior after-sales support.

But manufacturers need efficient IoT device management, a simple way to connect products reliably as they are manufactured and delivered. We provide such an IoT solution with seamless connectivity all over the globe and without the complexities of a vast partner ecosystem. 

IoT and M2M solutions can be deployed in numerous ways to strengthen performance significantly. Here are some of the most apparent use cases.

Warehouse management: Asset and inventory tracking improve efficiency while also reducing theft and losses. 

Inventory traceability: Managing inventory decreases shrinkage and improves quality assurance and audits. 

Asset management: The manufacturer can track the location and status of physical assets and products. 

Geofencing: The system will issue alerts when equipment leaves or enters a specific area. 

Remote condition monitoring: The manufacturer can monitor equipment operation to diagnose issues and deploy proactive maintenance. 

Health and safety: Wearables and other devices measure employee activity and risk.  

Improvement in productivity

Faster delivery, higher quality and increased productivity are some of the critical demands facing manufacturing and logistics enterprises in today’s market. IoT device management is the natural solution as operations become more transparent when products can be traced and monitored worldwide. 

The global supply chain crisis in 2021 due to Covid-19 underlines the need for IoT solutions. Insights based on data will help enterprises drive efficiency and responsiveness, especially in times of crisis. 

However, implementing IoT solutions is not that straightforward. It can be daunting to reliably gather operational data when products are shipped to and supported in multiple countries. For example, fixed connectivity at the point of use is not guaranteed and agreeing on cellular connectivity with multiple CSPs (Communication Service Providers) is complex and slow to set up.

Furthermore, there are notable security concerns. According to some estimates, around 25% of attacks on enterprises involve IoT and M2M communication. Enterprises must apply high levels of security to satisfy their customers and sustain growth. 

HMD Global provides secure and straightforward device management for products manufactured and delivered and for performance monitoring at the point of use. With the Nokia WING platform, products can be factory fitted with a universal IoT SIM card that will connect globally. This reduces manufacturing costs and allows products to be monitored wherever they are installed, without the need to set up multiple local connectivity agreements or customise variants for every market.

For HMD Global, security is not an afterthought but a vital part of our DNA. The same applies to our strategic partner, Nokia, who has designed top-level security solutions for decades. HMD Global is already a significant player in the mobile market, where security is vital. All data is hosted entirely in the cloud within the European Union, and our infrastructure is GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.

HMD Global delivers:

Global reach with local connectivity: Our customers get seamless, consistent connectivity in every market while complying with local data protection rules. 

Straightforward connectivity: We ensure uncomplicated global device management with one contract. 

Low latency/high reliability: Our infrastructure provides ultra-low latency with an extremely high reliability. 

High bandwidth: We supply ample capacity that is only possible through local connections in a network such as WING. 

Efficient operations: SLAs (Service Level Agreements) maintain data flow through consistent operations with seamless switching between public/private networks. 

Easy scalability: Our customers can expand smoothly into new markets as up to 95% of our infrastructure is hosted in the cloud, making it highly scalable. 

Future-ready: As IoT device control continues to advance, more opportunities will emerge. WING’s cloud-native core supports multiple technologies, including 5G. 

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