Why Us

Locally global

HMD Connect Pro is your business solution to trusted connectivity.

With connectivity across more than 240 countries and over 600 networks, HMD Connect Pro means keeping your business connected from nearly anywhere in the world.

HMD Connect Pro offers the highest levels of security, scalability and superior low-latency coverage to help manage all of your operation’s connected devices.

Providing the flexibility and low-cost connectivity to help businesses grow, all HMD Connect Pro services support the 3GPP standard, including NB-IoT and LTE-M.

The future of 5G is now

IoT and other emerging use cases require increased bandwidth, lower latencies and faster speeds that only 5G-ready infrastructures and services like HMD Connect Pro can offer.

The exponentially increasing number of smart devices that are all around us helping businesses to evolve means millions of new sensors will be deployed and interconnected, all requiring the bandwidth and low-latency solutions of 5G.

We know the demands on latency, data and security are crucial to businesses all around the world. That’s why we’ve built our network from the ground up to ensure we can meet the rigorous requirements to offer a flexible architecture, allowing businesses like yours to seamlessly upgrade to the benefits of 5G.

Simple and transparent pricing

We’ve specifically designed our pricing options to be more simple and more flexible, without the hidden costs that other, less-reliable providers offer.

With no up-front costs or commitments, we take pride in being the trusted connected partner for businesses like yours that require flexibility, so you pay only for what you use.

Data that’s private and secure

With HMD Connect Pro secure SIM cards, your business data can be routed securely to your own platform. So, you can say goodbye to the concerns of unsecured public WiFi networks where data is routed carelessly.

And all of HMD Connect Pro SIM data is hosted entirely in the cloud within the European Union, so the safety and privacy of your business are always enabled.

Reliable and trusted connectivity

Businesses around the world are putting their trust into HMD Connect Pro to connect their operations’ products and solutions to the world, reliably and securely. And it’s something we take tremendous pride in.

At HMD Global, our trusted background and history are connected to our association with Nokia. It’s a heritage that goes back more than a century and it’s one we’re determined to uphold and honor. From premium-quality products to innovative solutions, performance, and reliability that Nokia has always been known for, HMD Connect Pro follows in these footsteps of innovation and reliability. We at HMD Global are determined to uphold our position as a trusted partner with Nokia.

Strengthening the relationship between HMD Global and Nokia, we are uniting to offer our business customers all the benefits that the Nokia Wing platform has to offer. It’s what we call trusted connectivity, and it goes back to the Nokia history in trust and innovation for businesses around the globe.

Connected for the future

Together, HMD Connect Pro and Nokia are committed to being at the forefront of innovation.
Choosing HMD Connect Pro and Nokia for your trusted connectivity needs is not simply a decision for today. It’s also a strategic decision for the future.

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