A trusted M2M network

Our solution is built upon Nokia WING, which is tried-and-tested with millions of SIM cards connected globally. 

We offer truly global and reliable coverage with access in over 200 destinations globally.

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Permanent roaming – not a problem.

You want to make sure that your device is always connected, including when it stays at the same location for an extended period or perhaps permanently. No problem. 

HMD Global has ensured that truly permanent roaming is part of our network agreements with network operators. Thus, the local network will recognise your connection, exempt from traditional permanent roaming practices, and your device will stay connected.  

5G – ready for the future

5G is a game-changer for your IoT business. Unlike previous wireless tech generations, 5G was born in the cloud, making it the perfect match for IoT. It's a powerful enabling technology for a new generation of use cases that will leverage edge computing to make your IoT solutions more effective and efficient. 5G provides faster, more stable and more secure connectivity advancing everything from self-driving cars to smart grids to AI-enabled robots on factory floors. 

Many of these use cases will place unprecedented demands on latency, volume, velocity, and security. That’s why HMD Global has built its network from the ground up to ensure we can meet the rigorous requirements to offer a flexible architecture, allowing businesses like yours to upgrade to the benefits of 5G seamlessly. 

With 5G, you can take your IoT business to the next level, and we are ready to back you all the way. 

Serious security

Security at the highest possible level always ensures connectivity and that your data is well protected.

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